Restaurant Bela Reka
our Second Home

Bela Reka is a place where gastronomy joins domestic and cosmopolitan, local and national. A place where tradition marries modernness. A place to relax and enjoy, a place of exceptional food and finest wines and rakias. This is a place that fires up your senses.
But, above all, “Bela Reka“ is your second home, filled with recognizable colors and familiar childhood flavors. A space redolent of intimacy, warmth and allure of a home. A sanctuary that evokes the most delightful memories. A haven where you’ll always feel like you belong.

Every proper house has its own host, who is unfailingly there, with heart and arms open to welcome his guests, attend to them, entertain them, and see them off. We take pride in being a welcoming and caring host. That is why we spare no effort to make you feel at home. Our spacious, elegant and cozy dining area, with a sumptuous menu of authentic national cuisine dishes with a refined way of presenting them, all with the exquisite service and unique way of entertainment, we raise the bar for your gastronomic indulgence.

Explore the photo galleryof our unique interior, redolent ofintimacy, warmth and allure of a home.