Bela Reka Restaurant –
Our Farm

As in every proper home, in our restaurant, a delicious feast brings people together at the table.
A synergy of different colors, irresistible scents and aromas, and recognizable flavors insures that our every guest feels good, while unwinding in breezy conversation, joyous entertainment and unshackled enjoyment.

And it all begins on Homolje mountains. Here, in this oasis of untouched nature, lies a place called Bela Reka, and in it an estate spreading over 1310 acres (530 hectares) of beautiful land.
On the estate, we have a goat and sheep farm with our own dairy, where we produce our exquisite Gramina goat and sheep milk cheese. Every day, fresh, high-quality ingredients from the estate,
along with the carefully selected products from growers across different parts of Serbia,
make their way to our restaurant. Just like in the old days, when they were kept in cold house cellars, all the ingredients are stored in special cooling chambers, so as to maintain their full freshness and flavor.

All you have to do is come and enjoy!

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