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Take a piece of these enchanting flavors with you!
Visit the shop in our restaurant, and make yourself, your family, friends or business partners happy by buying the local delicacies - products of domestic manufacture, made with a fair amount of knowledge, expertise, dedication and love – packaged for your enjoyment.

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Polutvrdi kozji sir / cca 2,5 kg

6500.00 RSD


Kozji sir u kutiji / cca 2,5 kg

8400.00 RSD


Kozji sir u maslinovom ulju sa začinskim biljem / - Pakovanje u teglici 330g

1000.00 RSD


Polutvrdi kozji sir sa biberom / 250g

690.00 RSD


Polutvrdi kozji sir / 250g

640.00 RSD


Ekstra tvrdi kozji sir / 250g

720.00 RSD


Gramina Burrata / 200g

600.00 RSD


HUG Cuvee / 0.7l

1650.00 RSD


HUG Cuvee Blanc / 0.7l

1500.00 RSD


HUG Rose / 0.7l

1350.00 RSD


ZAGRLJAJ Rakija Dunja / 0.7l

3300.00 RSD


ZAGRLJAJ Rakija Kajsija / 0.7l

2500.00 RSD


ZAGRLJAJ Rakija Viljamovka / 0.7l

2300.00 RSD


ZAGRLJAJ Rakija Lozovača / 0.7l

2000.00 RSD


Namaz od kozjeg sira / 200g

480.00 RSD


ZAGRLJAJ Rakija Šljiva / 0.7l

2500.00 RSD


Poklon kutija: Zagrljaj rakija Lozovača,
Polutvrdi kozji sir, Burrata /

4550.00 RSD


Poklon kutija: Zagrljaj rakija Šljiva,
Polutvrdi kozji sir, Namaz od kozjeg sira /

4900.00 RSD


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