Bela Reka Menu –

Food for Body and Soul

100% fresh, locally-grown ingredients used for creating a variety of traditional dishes are only one part of the restaurant’s tale. Our recipes, our sumptuous and diverse menu, and the exquisite selection of drinks are another. And the third one is a unique “flavoring“.

Torn from the old cookbook pages and thus from oblivion, our recipes are the outcome of yearlong experience, craft and devotion of our dear old grandmothers. In those recipes, every single thing – from bread to cake – every single piece of instruction, every ingredient or flavoring – tickles your appetite, and makes all the delicious morsels prepared in our restaurant a food for your body and soul. If you’re a baked-goods type, you’ll be enchanted by the smell of the good bread and delicate rolls made in our own bakery, baked every day in our stone oven – just like in the old times. If meat is more your taste, rest assured that our butchers know all the culinary secrets of Serbian masters. Enjoy the exquisite meaty delicacies prepared in our restaurant’s own butchery, which are then baked in traditional Serbian ways – charcoal-grilled, spit- or clay-pot-roasted. And in the end, make your every meal complete with our delicious house-made grandma’s cakes and pastries that simply melt in your mouth.
Every meal calls for a drink, and each of our carefully selected domestic wines and rakias has its own authentic origin and story, which we’ll be happy to share with you.

All this firework of colors, smells, aromas and tastes would not be complete, were it not for one very important ingredient – our experienced, creative team of bakers, butchers, chefs and pastry chefs ensures that every single bite is “seasoned“ with love – that pervasive “flavoring“ – thus bestowing upon us a piece of themselves with every gourmet delicacy they concoct.

Take a look at the gallery of our national specialty dishes, prepared in quite a novel way.

Bela Reka Menu –

Precisely To Your Taste

Our sumptuous and diverse menu of authentic national dishes is fashioned precisely according to your taste. Our expert team of gastronomic aficionados prepares every morsel with great care and love, using fresh, locally-grown ingredients, tried and tested recipes of our grandmothers, and modern technology and equipment for food preparation.

Whether you’re on your own, with family, friends, colleagues or business partners; whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a baptism, or an anniversary; whether you’re in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, for a fine appetizer, hearty soup, cooked dish, healthy salad or a tasty dessert, we’ll satisfy the palate of even the most refined gourmets.

Welcome to the table of unforgettable traditional flavors! What can we get for you?